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A Caring Plus Foundation Programs: Focused on Aging with Grace and Dignity

By nurturing and engaging seniors to actively live their lives, A Caring Plus Foundation is providing solutions for a growing, aged population.


Naturally Occurring Retirement Community

With assistance from the state of Missouri, A Caring Plus Foundation has developed a naturally occurring retirement community in Jennings, Missouri, that allows residents to age comfortably in their own homes. At the heart of this underserved community is a 3,000-square-foot service center that provides assistance to senior residents within a two-mile radius. The center’s many services include health screenings, flu shots, exercise classes, and seminars pertaining to senior living.


Community Housing Development Organization

A Caring Plus Foundation is a designated Community Housing Development Organization. This division of the Foundation is responsible for renovating older homes and constructing new ones that minimize the physical challenges that typical homes present to aging adults. These homes are affordable for low- to moderate-income families. Additionally, the Foundation helps lower-income homeowners obtain funding to improve their own homes.