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Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC)

A Caring Plus Foundation is proud to announce that with the assistance from the State of Missouri, our organization has created a nationally recognized supportive service program specifically designed for aiding aging adults. This recognition is known as a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC).

NORC’s are communities or neighborhoods in which a significant number of residents are older residents, typically over 60 years of age. These areas were not initially planned as retirement communities, but in a natural progression, these communities have become “older” communities, as many of the residents have lived in their neighborhoods for many years and have aged in place. Such communities are typically lacking the services necessary to allow the seniors to maintain their health and well being so that they can live independently, remain in their own homes and in their own community.

To fill this void, A Caring Plus Foundation initially partnered in the project with Riverview West Florissant Development Corporation, and local colleges/universities to assist with neighborhood needs assessments and local health centers and Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) to help with health screenings and other supportive services.

Our NORC resides in Jennings, Missouri allowing residents to age comfortably in their own homes.